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Sealing your inkjet waterslide decal paper is one of the most important steps for applying waterslide decals and often where we see the most application errors. In this blog post we focus on how-to seal your decal, covering the basic setup process, what type of sealant to use and a step by step guide to sealing waterslide decals. 

We've put together some of the most frequently asked questions to help you with designing and printing water slide decals. Learn what design software to use, printer settings and how to seal Hayes waterslide decal paper when using an inkjet printer. 
Waterslide decal paper is an amazing product to work with. The versatility of it is astonishing and the possibilities are endless. Not only does it broaden your crafting abilities, it is very user friendly. There are only a few common mistakes to avoid that will help make using waterslide easy for you.