Summer Craft Ideas For kids

Summer Craft Ideas For kids by Hayes Paper Co

School is out and the kids are ready for some summertime fun! Of course tons of time will be spent outside. There will be many days by the pool, at the beach or camping at the lake. But what about the days spent inside? Hayes Paper Co has you covered with many craft paper options to help keep their creative minds flowing. With our craft paper products such as sublimation paper, waterslide paper, heat transfer paper and printable vinyl paper the possibilities for fun craft projects are endless. We’ve put together some fun summer craft ideas for children below:

Create Washable Color In T-shirts
Kids, teens and adults will all enjoy coloring their shirts over and over again with washable markers. It is as simple as color, wash and repeat! You’ll need Hayes Paper Co Sublimation Paper, a heat press, sublimation printer, polyester t-shirts (with at least 65% polyester), a color in outline which you can find for free online or shop Etsy for more unique pages (these are paid) and washable fabric markers. We created this short step by step video of how to make a color in t-shirt so you can follow along.

Unique Hand Drawn Waterslide Decals
Grab some Hayes Paper Co® Inkjet waterslide paper then let your little ones draw on it, using sharpie markers until their heart's content. Seal their artwork with Rustoleum 2X clear and then apply to a glass penny bank, jar or any smooth surfaces of your choice. 

Customize Clothing
Create one of a kind pieces of clothing by applying our heat transfer paper to any natural cotton or linen fabrics. Some ideas include; bucket hats, shirts, shorts, bags. Get the kids to either draw their design, then scan it to a computer or pick out images, cartoons or shapes. They can help load the printer, cut out the design and direct where they want the image placed. Our heat transfer paper can be applied by an adult or supervised tweens using a heat press or a household iron. You can choose heat transfer paper for light fabrics or heat transfer paper for dark fabrics or use a combination. 

Customize kids clothing with heat transfer paper

Upcycle Milk Cartons To A Bird House 
Last but not least, using Hayes Paper Co Printable Vinyl Paper you can create your own stickers and use them to decorate your own bird house. Let your kids draw and print their own designs or create pre printed stickers that they can use to decorate their birdhouses with. You’ll need some prewashed, dried milk cartons. Simply cut a hole for the bird opening, have the kids cut out their stickers or pre cut them using a machine cutter. Once the house is decorated, use a thick needle or knife to puncture a hole on each side to thread string through, then make a loop or leave ends loose to tie around the tree. These houses could also double as a house for favorite toys or even as a seedling planter. This project keeps giving as you bird watch throughout the summer.

Upcycled milk carton with Hayes Paper co Stickers made into a bird house

The possibilities are endless, so let the kids' imaginations guide the way through this summer and all year long! Don’t forget to tag us in your summer craft projects #hayespaper. We can’t wait to see what you create.