What exactly is Waterslide Decal Paper?

What exactly is Waterslide Decal Paper?

What is the difference between using the Clear and the White paper?

When do you use each one? 

These are some of the most frequently asked questions while learning to work with this product. Hopefully, you will find the answer to these questions, and more, below.

What exactly is waterslide paper? Waterslide paper is an ultrathin decal paper that has a water activated adhesive on the back of it. You can print any image onto waterslide decal paper using your home printer.

What is the difference between using the Clear and the White paper? Waterslide paper comes in clear and white.  Clear waterslide is a translucent, see through, paper. The translucent decal paper allows for the edges of the decal to blend in and essentially disappear. When applied to a project the base color of the project will show through the clear decal which can alter the coloration of your decal’s image as you can see from the photos.  Placing clear waterslide onto a white, or light colored base work best when using it. White waterslide is opaque, not see through. This allows your printed image to stay vibrant regardless of the color base it is placed on. Due to it being opaque you are able to apply it to any color base regardless of how light or dark it is. 

Let me mention that if your image has the color white in it. . . please note that the majority of printers do not print white ink so if you were to print an image with white in it onto clear waterslide, no ink would fill in that area of the image leaving it clear in those areas. So, if you want to apply a decal to a light color cup in this situation you would want and need to use white waterslide paper to allow the white of the paper to fill in for the white color in the image.

Good Luck!

Sandra C.